Limiting Conditions


Purpose and intended users
This study is intended to paint a macro overview of current and possible future demand for various product types and use for the De Anza Motor Lodge.  Although property specific information is provided, no attempt is made to provide property specific valuations.

While no study can guarantee success of any individual project, development or community, widely recognized data methodologies and collection techniques have been applied to the data available to arrive at the conclusions in the report.

As part of the De Anza Motor Lodge study the following assumptions were made, and I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief:

  • Statement of fact contained in this report are true and correct.
  • Data collected from third parties is assumed to be accurate and reliable, reasonable effort has been made to very said information however, no responsibility for its accuracy is assumed by the consultant.
  • Where applicable, it is assumed owners and investors will  hire professional property management.
  • Where performed, direct surveys, focus groups, and interviews were recorded into summary notations for inclusion the study.
  • My analysis, opinions and conclusions were developed using standardized and recognized real estate techniques from the CCIM Institute education program.
  • Demographic information was provided by The Site To Do Business, and its data provider, SRC.
  • Demographic information from these vendors is based on the 1990 and 2000 census.
  • I have personally inspected the properties and trade area that is the subject of this report
  • My engagement in this assignment was not predicated on a predetermined result.
  • The payment for this assignment was not predicated on a specific result.
  • The consultant will not be required to give testimony or to appear in court to any pretrail conference or appearance required by subpoena, with reference to the study in question, unless timely arrangements have been previously made therefore, at prevailing per diem rates.

This study is as of the date specified in the report, and no other. It is based on our evaluation of conditions that to the best of our knowledge existed at that time. The writers cannot be responsible for subsequent occurrences or conditions that could affect market valuations, conditions or statistics.

Our opinions and forecast of trends in the market, income from all sources, expenses, and net income figures are speculative in nature and cannot be guaranteed. If any errors are found the right to revise our calculations, conclusions, or any information contained in the study is reserved. The forecasts, projections, or operating estimates contained herein are based on current market conditions, anticipated short-term supply and demand factors, and a stable economy. These forecasts are therefore subject to changes in future conditions.

Where values of land or improvements are shown separately, the value of each is segregated only as an aid to better estimate the value of the whole; and the value shown for either may, or may not, be its correct value. In addition, the study must be considered as a whole and considering statements and conclusions out of context could lead to erroneous conclusions by the reader. Therefore, no part of this study is to be used out of context or by itself alone, or as the evidence upon which a final value judgment is based.