Focus Groups, Surveys, and Facilitated Sessions

During the month of November, 2002--three focus group sessions were held with stakeholders (one who has a share or an interest in a venture) in the area.  With the assistance of the Nob Hill Highland Renaissance Corporation, individuals representing residents/neighborhood associations, real estate owners and professionals, and cultural experts were invited to one of the three sessions

A survey question list was developed for each group which they were asked to fill out as they entered the meeting.  After collecting those surveys, several group questions were presented one at a time.

Each recipient was offered the ability to fill out a small postcard that was hung on the wall under each group question.  As a team, the group prioritized many of the answers, added new answers, and sometimes eliminated or clarified other answers.

Each session ran about 90 minutes length allowing each respondent to commit their individual answers in writing, then refine those answers in a positive group atmosphere.

The following pages represent the survey questions and answers, as well as summary results from the group sessions.