Focus Groups--Cultural Resources

In a rare opportunity, NHHRC assembled an all star cast of experts on cultural, route 66, historical, and Native American topics to discuss the De Anza Motor Lodge and how to best preserve, protect and honor its art.

1. As it relates to the artwork at the De Anza - what cultural issues or safety issues should we be sensitive too?
Preserve the murals and artwork
Work with existing structure - no demolition
Murals - zuni crafts outlet, connection to the Zuni Pueblo
Convince visitors this is a safe place to visit day or night
Safety - access to the murals is by a steep stairway, an improved gradual ramp would allow wheel chairs and the elderly
Preserve original architecture and layout of spaces
Identifying which Indian groups will be most concerned about public viewing
Murals: preservation and restoration
Murals: Respect for Zuni ideas pertaining to access (limited)
Restricted access to property and fragile art
Respect of all Zuni tradition, arts and crafts
Security Risk - basement access and mural protection
Neighborhood - De Anza as a meeting center
Respect for and protection of murals is important - security and conservation $ are needed
Would like to have historic/cultural tours (paid to generate maintenance $) for organized groups (and an Orientation)
Cultural - access to and treatment of murals in keeping with Zuni values
Cultural - turquoise collection was part of a motels history, now at the Heard Museum in AZ, Turquoise craft could be displayed
Cultural & safety issues - artwork - respectful use and viewing, neighborhood - management of visitation, provide peace & quiet nighttime hours in surrounding areas
In renovating the motel, Zuni pueblo can provide the Zuni rock - we have a rock quarry that will provide the material
Cultural issue - could provide display, meeting, office space for arts organization that were connected
Use of images in other media/ownership of images needs to be resolved
Cultural - De Anza property is rehabilitated such that its importance in Albuquerque's Route 66 mix is clarified and amplified
Cultural - De Anza's immediate neighbors benefit from its rehabilitation and return to service, whatever the use or mix of uses

Cultural issue - murals need to be preserved with Zuni Pueblo input
Area as a whole needs upgrading to make this location safer
Safety - controlled access on Graceland security for neighborhood and particpants/guests
Parking for long vehicles - RV's, motorhomes on Graceland (tour busses?)
Zuni oversight of the murals and possible restoration
Cultural issues - could provide site for public art in proximity to nob hill gateway
Route 66 & Motor Oriented use - historically and currently
Protection of art by a see-thru-shield
Interpretive activities - who does it? Lots of history - Motel history / Route 66 history / Wallace history / State history / Zuni history / De Anza history
Education of public as to murals "meaning"
Restaurant: tourist attraction - Zuni connection - floor/inlays
Public access is a problem - because of physical location of artwork - elevator could be costly
Route 66 Motel - Historic Importance - Tourist Neighborhood Draw
Present art in a way that is both sensitive to Zuni culture and to role of Indian tourism along Route 66 - Wallace story is important to understanding economics of southwest tourism
Tie in with IPCC & Zuni Pueblo - possible tours?
2. What is your vision for the De Anza? (list on one card)
Motel Mixed use of history and benefits the neighborhood
Document oral history about property
Economic revitalization in neighborhood
Connections to Zuni, Wallace, Route 66, National labs (workers stayed there)
Historic interpretation celebration of history
Boutique motel - conference center concept - restaurant and shops - interpretive center
Route 66 interpretive center with changing exhibits
Mixed use project with retail - housing - office - live work - and conference center and cultural tours
Visitors/Welcome center for area (department of tourism)
De Anza as important historic personality whose work with