Focus Groups--Neighborhood Stakeholders

During November 2002, neighborhood stakeholders were invited to a weekend focus group meeting. Although the participants were few in number, they represented on average stakeholders who have lived in the area for 24.57 years, with households of 1.67 persons per household, and income ranges as low as $15,000 to $125,000.  Participants average home value was $198,000 and average rent was $600 per month.  50% of the participants had a college education 40% with a graduate or masters degree.  Although the age range was as low as 25, and high as 75, predominantly the participants were 40 to 55 years old.  Many of the respondents lived in single family residences, but they also considered themselves eligible to move into duplexes, lofts, or townhouses.

Scale 1-10 = 1 not so important - 5 Neutral - 10 very important
1. To what degree is it important to live close to work?   
2. To what degree is the closeness of public transportation to your house important?
3. To what degree is it important to be able to walk to work?
4. To what degree is security (controlled access) important to your community?
5. To what degree is it important to have a back yard?
6. To what degree is parking important?
7. If there was adequate parking, to what degree is it important to have a garage?
8. To what degree are cultural amenities important?
9. To what degree is the quality of nearby schools important?
10. To what degree is it important to have nearby facilities for children's activities during out-of-school time?
11. To what degree is nearby pre-school childcare important?
12. To what degree is it important for your community to be pet friendly?
13. To what degree is the closeness of shopping important?
14. What is your perception of safety and security in the area? #1 being not safe at all, #10 being completely safe.
24. To you, which is most important - being part of a neighborhood or having privacy? (circle one) - 75%
prefer a neighborhood/community feel  versus privacy
25. How often do you frequent small local stores or boutiques vs. large regional stores in a week? 2foodtown/1costco 3-4/2 4/1 4/1 15-20/1-2 4/0.5 50%/50%